Toilet Paper Holders

Probably one of the easiest and cheapest home improvement projects you could do in your bathroom today is to replace your toilet paper holders to give the potty area a general, yet small, face lift. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but if you are sitting there, no pun intended, looking at it you probably have the standard issue holders that came with your house. You know the kind that sticks out of the wall and has that little spring thing that holds the roll of paper. How many times have you bumped into that? Probably countless. Well, today you can rip that ugly thing right out of the wall and replace it fairly easy with a much more modern type of toilet paper holder that would better fit the decor that you are trying to create in your bathroom.

Why would you change a toilet paper holder?

These days, you really have a ton of¬†choices depending on the look and feel that you are trying to accomplish in this special room.¬† Whether you are looking for a holder that sticks out from the wall, is flush within the wall or simply standing on the ground beside the toilet, we’ll kind of go over each one that you could choose from. Why change them? Because you probably have that little ugly standard one the you see in everyone’s home! Change it so that it’s different, that it’s you! After all, it’s your house so why not give it a little character with a super easy project.

Option 1: Recessed in the wall

A recessed toilet paper holder is one that actually fits flush on the wall. These are a good choice if you have a small bathroom as it kind of gives the illusion of a bigger area as the holder is not hanging off the wall. It’s in the wall and the toilet paper is not sticking out. They come in a variety of styles and finishes from brushed nickel to brass, ceramic to polished chrome and many others, but those are the most popular. Plus these make good DIY projects. You can pick them up at your local hardware stores and fortunately most of them come with fairly complete instructions for installation. Recessed toilet paper holders are not that difficult to put in as long as you have some basic carpentry skills and can follow the instructions.

Option 2: Not attached to the wall

Toilet Paper Holders

Toilet Paper Holders

If the carpentry realm tends to give you the willy’s, you might think along the lines of a standing toilet paper holder. These are fairly neat in the sense that they actually stand on the ground next to the toilet, in arms reach ofcourse. Again, finishes come in a fairly wide variety from wood, satin nickel, polished chrome, oil-rubbed bronze and antique brass.

The most common height for these holders are about twenty-five inches. You don’t want to get one that’s going to be at eye-level when you are sitting down, so look for something elegant and of proper height when getting one of these. One new elegant type that is out there is the Euro design models. These make it very easy to change the rolls as you don’t really have to take it a part to put a new roll on. The toilet paper rolls actually slide on and off from one side.

My Favorite: Oil Rubbed Bronze Standing Paper Holder

Probably my favorite one of the bunch is an oil rubbed bronze toilet paper holder. These to me show a simple, rustic elegance because of one thing. The longer you have them the more unique they become as the color of the oil bronze finish changes over time. Eventually, you’ll end up with this lovely, deep, aged color that will be a welcomed addition to any bathroom. It acts just like copper in the sense that the finish will develop a unique patina color to it with age. Also I like the standard Georgian style as well as I think it hold the paper on the stand a lot better since the holder is connected at both ends. Since these are free-standing paper holders, they’ll come in a couple of pieces, but not to worry. They are super simple to put together and you can start getting use out of it in your home the day you get it.

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  1. What a great idea to devote an entire article to toilet paper holders. I am in the process of enhancing my bathroom with all sorts of extras, but I must admit the idea of a custom toilet paper holder I hadn’t thought of. Thanks so much for that.
    I agree with you I think I am going for the oil rubbed bronze toilet paper holder if I can find one. It sounds exactly like what my bathroom needs most.
    Thanks again for the terrific ideas.

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